'Hygge' - Cook Outside with Manna From Devon

'Hygge' - Cook Outside with Manna From Devon September 07 2017, 1 Comment

Norwegian word to describe holistic lifestyle - simple • cosy • no drama

Imagine a bright sunny day in midsummer and all you want to do is enjoy the day while looking ahead to a convivial evening. We did just that. Our recent purchase of a Morso oven and the kind gift of a lesson in Wood Fired Cooking by friends at Manna From Devon Cookery School came together perfectly.

What a joy shopping, wood collecting, laying the table and once the fire was lit, learning from the experts - David and Holly Jones of Manna from Devon Cookery School.


The Menu


Hake with Spiced Red Pepper and Coconut Sauce

Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Sautéed Potatoes

Blackened Tomatoes
Baba Ghanoush (aubergines)
Roast Peaches and Pineapple with Basil Cream
Kiln Dried wood gives the best source of heat and is easy and fast lighting. The fire in the Morso was soon blazing as the fire lighter took hold of the kindling jenga.
My dream is to take advantage of sunny days whatever the season and cook outside. I am delighted that this is the case. Cooking on a Morso is fantastic for impromptu events - easy to prepare, simple/tasty cooking and fast to cook. As the food is simple you need little prep space.  And lots of moments to stand back and enjoy a glass or 2 of splendid wine.



Aubergines baked whole. When cooked through they were soft and succulent.  Strip the skins, mash with seasoning, ready to be served with Focaccia.
Amazingly the focaccia dough was made on site - mixed,, kneaded, proofed and rolled. Fennel seeds from the garden were pressed into the dough, seasoned and placed in the fire. This was a winner for me - it tasted delicious especially with the Baba Ghanoush.
The sauce was placed in a skillet (only element prepared offsite) to heat up in the fire and the fish covered with a medley of spices. I loved the moment when David raided our cupboards to find what few spices I had and made it work. It was Just so simple and needed so little cooking. 
All the time we were anxiously studying the fire while David and Holly were relaxed and at ease - it really is a 'go with the flow' way of cooking.
David took a moment to get the fire up to temperature and roaring. This Roasted Marinaded Lamb was stunning - full of flavour, tender and a visual feast. David slashed the lamb, marinaded and rubbed oil into every surface with seasoning, popped onto the grill and placed on top of the fire. Cooked in 10/15 mins to give a very pink, tender meat. Then served with roast potatoes and blackened tomatoes - PERFECT.
Just fabulous. Having the Morso fire as a focus blazing away for hours created the 'Hygge' ambiance we anticipated. An activity where everyone can have a role. It's a great sharing experience, reminiscent of childhood and bringing out the need in us for simplicity, fun, back to nature. We loved the informality of the evening enjoying watching the fire smoke curl up over the treetops.
This image says it all 'MORE PLEASE'.
And we ended the evening with appetites sated, lapping up the last moments of the blazing fire after the sun had gone down over the 'yard arm'. This is 'HYGGE'
If you are interested in cooking outdoors Holly and David are the UK experts. They have a way of making it enjoyable, different and memorable. Without realising you learn so much.
For information on Manna From Devon Wood Fired Ovens Courses with David and Holly
Kiln Dried Wood - IGLU South West

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast May 02 2016, 0 Comments

Coast to Coast                                                                       

Colour, neglect, abandonment, light and texture are the things I love when living by the coast. A new client from NE loved one of my favourites - Abandoned Hulks which is my 'best seller' canvas, recently transported to his home in Northumberland. This was a 4' square canvas which he and his wife spotted at Bayards Cove Inn in Dartmouth. After exploring the galleries in Northern France looking for the perfect image for their recently refurbished kitchen, they landed in Dartmouth and sat in front of this image. This was the 'perfect' image they had been looking for!

They wanted the canvas larger than I have produced before. This order involved sourcing a printer who had a large enough printer to produce 4' square.

My client was thrilled with the result:

'Just to update you, all (including visiting mother in law) are agreed the 4' canvas is a knockout; looks almost like a semi-abstract oil painting which is just the effect I was after. Practical too, since our kitchen is extremely light (and occasionally steamy, of course) so the colourfast ink will fair better than paint.'

He was thrilled that he asked me to send another smaller version to sell in a local gallery in Alnwick. I was thrilled when it sold within 48 hours of being hung.

Have now sourced a very professional courier who specialize in transporting Fine Art at very reasonable cost. This canvas arrived at his home in perfect condition.
I love to delight my customers and wonderful to see the effect of the canvas in their home.

To see more:    Gallery Coast

What do Emma Freud and Sir Ben Ainslie Have in Common with QuerQuay ? Read on ……

What do Emma Freud and Sir Ben Ainslie Have in Common with QuerQuay ? Read on …… July 02 2014, 0 Comments

Coast Magazine Feature

Fifteen months ago we were approached by both an independent Journalist and the Editor of Coast Magazine and how lovely that the story ended up in a collaboration …. and this month the two day photoshoot (and much more from the journo and photographer) finally has it’s airing in the press – Coast, July Edition – on shelves now.

If you have stayed in the past, have a future booking or planning one I think you will find the article fascinating. I love it when people ask us the question, ‘So how old is the house then ?’ and of course we make them guess:) The response is usually 200/300 years old and how shocked are they when we say, ’25 years’ …. one of our window cleaners nearly fell off his ladder!


And to answer the question above – Emma Freud and Sir Ben Ainslie are also featured .. so we are in good company…. creatives and adventurous.
QuerQuay, a house that many locals have a story about – taking 13 years to be built by a very creative, imaginative man with his own hands, defying conventional architectural thinking. Read Coast feature to find out more.
Beautifully and artfully placed, sinking into the woods, cliff and sitting proudly on the banks of the River Dart, Kingswear overlooking Dartmouth. Read about how we fell in love with QuerQuay and the journey of embedding ourselves into this organic house.
Drift wooding on the shore, painting and photography from the decks, working with interiors and just sitting watching the light changes, steam trains steaming past, ferries, fishing boats, yachts … this is the QuerQuay life.

Coast Featured Article

GalleryCoast on Instagram

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Check out the new Instagram for GalleryCoast. Go on! Click the icon!


Gallery Coast @ Gallery 5, Salcombe, UK

Gallery Coast @ Gallery 5, Salcombe, UK June 11 2013, 0 Comments

Gallery Coast exhibiting @ Gallery 5, Salcombe .... a boathouse gallery in Island Street

The world of exhibiting your own art is new to me. It's a fascinating place to be - meeting fellow artists who love passionately what they do. Many have had many journeys in their lives to get to a point where they can be creative and embraced by the art world. Today I completed mounting the exhibition in Island Street. 

Dinah Ashton, former gallery burser says,

‘I had seen Carole’s work on her website  which I thought it looked great.  However, I have found that website’s can only give an impression of artists’ work and to be fully appreciated it has to be seen ‘in the flesh’ as it were.

Luckily enough I saw of Carole’s work hanging in the foyer of The Flavel Art Centre in Dartmouth.  Seeing the pictures full size exhibited on 3 walls created a huge impact.  Wonderful compositions with both subtle and vibrant colours.  I was not alone in my opinion, other people in the foyer greatly appreciated the work as we studied and discussed them, deciding which pictures we liked the best and wanted to take home.

Unfortunately, I work was not able to see the whole exhibition called ‘Beauty Neglect and Decay’ but I understand that Carole will be exhibiting her wonderful work in Gallery 5 in Salcombe in June and I will make sure that I go and see it there.’


Importance of Interiors

Importance of Interiors May 30 2013, 0 Comments

Propped Image of Derelict Hulks



The quality of our lives in our personal space is key to our well being. It is important to live in homes where we can be self expressed and that our homes reflect our interests and passions. There are many ways to do this but can take some consideration when creating an aesthetic space that is welcoming to our friends and families. Our homes are extensions of our personalities and interiors that reflect our moods and preferences help to maintain balance and self esteem.

Interiors that make a statement can be striking and very appealing for instance when creating a holiday home to let. The aesthetics can add a lot of value to holiday makers and ensure that you gain the occupancy you are aiming for annually. Shape, colour, texture alongside practical purposes are all key to representing your holiday home to best effect. Gallery Coast can help .... to ensure your holiday home has visual impact to gain attention online we will visit your property and make suggestions on how best to achieve this and steps identified to make changes you wish to make including sourcing, photography and creating livable and appealing zones as well as promotional guidance related to a website, use of social media and blogging.

Awesome Views

Awesome Views May 30 2013, 0 Comments

Sunset Fishing on The River Dart


Living in a HandMade Home

A home that inspires is a great gift to a creative person who can take inspiration in their own surroundings. The home I live in is unique and built by one mans hands over 13 years using natural materials from the cliffs, beaches and river. It was built organically, evolved from the landscape - one man's vision. Dark, huge hunks of wood, grey/blueish slate, large stones all contribute to the atmosphere of living amidst materials that have had previous lives and now reloved in it's new environment. This house is nestled between an oak wood perched on a cliff and the River Dart. Overlooking views of water presents so many opportunities to capture the changes in light, reflections and the numerous activities.

QuerQuay - house by the river

Art • Interiors • Inspiration

Art • Interiors • Inspiration March 14 2013, 0 Comments


Stormy sea at Hope Cove, South Devon



Living and working by the sea provides inspiration for many artists/photographers. The ever changing light, the effect on water, impact on materials and land and seascapes provide a constant source of inspiration. The South West is an incredibly beautiful part of England with it's rolling green hills and valleys and cliffs that fall into the sea. My inspiration mostly comes from stormy weather, dark skies, huge waves and then come the calmer days and sunny weather which changes the colours all around us especially on water where they turn to indigo and turquoise. It's these changes and living so closely to them that challenges the way they can be interpreted. This visual richness explains why so many artists choose to live here. Since moving here in 2009 I have spent many hours capturing scenes, atmospheres and events.