Gallery Coast @ Gallery 5, Salcombe, UK June 11 2013, 0 Comments

Gallery Coast @ Gallery 5, Salcombe, UK

Gallery Coast exhibiting @ Gallery 5, Salcombe .... a boathouse gallery in Island Street

The world of exhibiting your own art is new to me. It's a fascinating place to be - meeting fellow artists who love passionately what they do. Many have had many journeys in their lives to get to a point where they can be creative and embraced by the art world. Today I completed mounting the exhibition in Island Street. 

Dinah Ashton, former gallery burser says,

‘I had seen Carole’s work on her website  which I thought it looked great.  However, I have found that website’s can only give an impression of artists’ work and to be fully appreciated it has to be seen ‘in the flesh’ as it were.

Luckily enough I saw of Carole’s work hanging in the foyer of The Flavel Art Centre in Dartmouth.  Seeing the pictures full size exhibited on 3 walls created a huge impact.  Wonderful compositions with both subtle and vibrant colours.  I was not alone in my opinion, other people in the foyer greatly appreciated the work as we studied and discussed them, deciding which pictures we liked the best and wanted to take home.

Unfortunately, I work was not able to see the whole exhibition called ‘Beauty Neglect and Decay’ but I understand that Carole will be exhibiting her wonderful work in Gallery 5 in Salcombe in June and I will make sure that I go and see it there.’