Neglect as Inspiration November 21 2019

Neglect as Inspiration

Art surrounds us, it's like the air we breathe if we choose to see it. Art is in nature, architecture, people, it is colour, form and texture. There is a lot of it around and its found in the obvious and in the small aspects of our vision. I guess we have all heard the phrase 'don't sweat the small stuff' but when it comes to art and the detail of living it is absolutely worth 'sweating the small stuff'.

i love finding a small aspect of the bigger picture. This becomes my focus as in Derelict Hulls and Abandoned Hulks. these abandoned ships found on the Western Isles of Scotland were a joy to find and rich in microscopic attention to unveil the layers of colour built up over many years of existence alongside the curves and perspective that give these images such power.

My inspiration so often comes from neglect of natural materials. Walk through any town and city, walk in your wellies through the country lanes and you can not fail to come across distressed doors, rusty locks, rusting metal where buildings, ships, boats, baskets, windows, trains .... like in this image of a old tin can that once held Olive Oil in Greece ... now a planter.