What do Emma Freud and Sir Ben Ainslie Have in Common with QuerQuay ? Read on ……

What do Emma Freud and Sir Ben Ainslie Have in Common with QuerQuay ? Read on …… July 02 2014

Coast Magazine Feature

Fifteen months ago we were approached by both an independent Journalist and the Editor of Coast Magazine and how lovely that the story ended up in a collaboration …. and this month the two day photoshoot (and much more from the journo and photographer) finally has it’s airing in the press – Coast, July Edition – on shelves now.

If you have stayed in the past, have a future booking or planning one I think you will find the article fascinating. I love it when people ask us the question, ‘So how old is the house then ?’ and of course we make them guess:) The response is usually 200/300 years old and how shocked are they when we say, ’25 years’ …. one of our window cleaners nearly fell off his ladder!


And to answer the question above – Emma Freud and Sir Ben Ainslie are also featured .. so we are in good company…. creatives and adventurous.
QuerQuay, a house that many locals have a story about – taking 13 years to be built by a very creative, imaginative man with his own hands, defying conventional architectural thinking. Read Coast feature to find out more.
Beautifully and artfully placed, sinking into the woods, cliff and sitting proudly on the banks of the River Dart, Kingswear overlooking Dartmouth. Read about how we fell in love with QuerQuay and the journey of embedding ourselves into this organic house.
Drift wooding on the shore, painting and photography from the decks, working with interiors and just sitting watching the light changes, steam trains steaming past, ferries, fishing boats, yachts … this is the QuerQuay life.

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